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Did You Miss the Boat?

Have you ever heard someone say, “I missed the boat?” It’s a feeling of desperation and extreme panic because you believe you have missed the one and only chance you had.

What follows next is a series of impetuous thoughts and decisions. The dread overtakes you and you beat yourself up over and over your own stupidity (your words not mine). It has sent you spiraling and into a heap of negativity. Doubt.

Maybe you move at the pace of a turtle. Or you didn’t want to spend the money, time, or energy. Or you were stuck in your head overthinking it? Abruptly triggering the thought that reinforces what you already believe: Panic forced me into inactivity. I weighed one too many options. I thought I had more time.

Whatever the case may be, you thought you missed it. You know what it is.

I want to offer an alternative thought: Have you ever considered that maybe you were supposed to miss the boat? I know this is counterintuitive to our culture and what success is supposed to look like, however, I want you to change the lens you are looking through and perhaps see things differently.

Instead of thinking you’ve blown it by missing your boat, think of it like this:

1. What if you had gotten on your boat and it sunk? Ever heard of the Titanic? Stop rearranging chairs on the Titanic. You have to loosen the strings attached to your fear.

2. The timing is everything. As far as I know, there is no magic to timing.

3. What are you learning right now? This is KEY!

4. It was someone else’s boat you missed. Because in reality, that’s the only boat we miss. It wasn’t yours, to begin with. We are impatient people and want things yesterday.

I want you to believe and have hope that you feel is just out of reach. It’s there. I promise you!

So, instead, throw some gratitude in there that you missed it. It might have saved you some unknown terror and angst.

What does your boat look like? Where is it taking you? Or are you going to leave it in the slip or at the dock? It’s usually safe in the slip. You get a little rocking action, just enough to mull you to sleep. It really doesn’t go anywhere. Isn’t the whole point of getting on the thing to go somewhere?

Your boat is specifically designed for you. Let it know where you are taking it, and don’t let it change your mind. The only way to miss your boat is to be six feet under. You can be late launching it, but you are the captain, and it won’t go without you.


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