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Move your feet

When my boys were young tennis players, the one thing I heard over and over from their coach was to move their feet. In tennis, if your feet aren’t moving then you're late getting to the ball. You have to get your body in position to hit the ball and the only way to get your body there is to move your feet. This becomes muscle memory over time because as you learn, you realize that standing in the same spot, literally means you are going to lose.

The same applies to us, as women, as we move from one change to another. Whatever you have walked through, or are currently walking through, you have to keep your feet moving.

How you may ask? I have 3 things I want to share with you!

1. Move your feet to counseling. This often causes friction in your world as you see and own your mistakes and begin to work through the grief and trauma. Do your work. Counseling literally saved me.

2. Move your feet to support. Move toward the people you know you can trust. Only share your story with people who have earned the right to hear your story. They and only they are on a need-to-know basis. This is getting your body in a position to heal, be restored, and be encouraged!

3. Move your feet against the fear of the unknown. “Let fear be the losing opponent.” The fear of the unknown is consuming. I want you to pause and think for a moment: isn’t every day, regardless of what we just walked through fear of the unknown? The event that has happened is a change, that was in fact, something unknown before. Today if you manage to creep forward one step, celebrate this! It’s huge and then the next step is a little easier. Fear has no place in your world. A win is a win, no matter how ugly it looks. If all you were able to do today was get out of bed… WIN! Fear didn’t keep you there.

I promise you this: moving forward to counseling will be a brutal step, but one that YOU cannot go without. Being vulnerable with your support people is often more fearful because they know you, which is another reason to override your fear and let it lose today. Recognize it and respond with grace and a spirit that has the face to denounce the fear.

Which direction do your feet need to take you today?

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